Alphabet Series

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A is for Alpine WoodcutA is for Alpine: $225.00

B is for Barn WoodcutB is for Barn: $225.00

C is for Cottonwood Wood CutC is for Cottonwood: $225.00

D is for DinosaurD is for Dinosaur: $225.00

H is for Homestead Wood CutH is for Homestead: $225.00


In 2005, Claire began to visually describe Northern Rockies conservation stories using the alphabet as a springboard. From whitebark pine ecology to migrating songbird habitat, living simply to eating local food, Claire touches on stories that are important to all of us. What are the important stories in your place? All of these prints are limited editions: designed, carved, printed, painted and signed by the artist.

All prices listed on this page are for unframed art. Includes shipping in continental US.

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